Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Bathtubs

There was a time when a bathtub in a home was considered item of luxury and was seen only in hotels and homes of rich people. But today, a bath tub is an integral part of most homes, so much so that many homes have more than just one.

In addition to being highly functional and allowing you to be clean, it also makes for a wonderful place to relax. By soaking in a tub with hot water, you can literally soak your worries away, not to mention the various aches and pains in your body. They come in a variety of types so as to find a place in every home.

Bathtub Types

  1. Cute BathtubSoaking bathtubs: As the name suggests, these are meant for soaking. They are usually deeper than standard bath tubs so as to allow a person to soak up to their chin. They generally do not have any shower attachments or jet combinations as they are expressly for soaking. The different kinds of soaking tubs are:
    • Roman tubs: These get their name from the original baths made by the Romans over their springs. A Roman bath is mounted on the floor and is sunken.
    • Greek tubs: These are typically shorter in length than regular soaking tubs and are great for bathrooms with a space constraint. A person can actually be up to his neck in water when sitting in one, that too in the sitting position.
  2. Built-In bathtubs: These are very popular in most homes. They are built into your bathroom and are not free standing. The various types include:
    • Alcove tubs: These are enclosed on three sides and open only on the front side. These are perhaps the most popular type be used in American homes.
    • Drop-In bathtubs: This is one where you have to go down into and not one where you need to climb up into the tub. They are mounted on a deck with the faucets mounted on the deck too. A drop-in which is deck mounted in a corner is known as a corner tub. Drop in tubs usually do not have any shower combinations as they are not enclosed.
  3. Freestanding bath tubs: These are not built into the floor or enclosed on three sides but are free standing, as the name suggests. The faucets are usually mounted on the side of the bathtub itself but can also be floor or wall mounted. The two popular types of freestanding baths are:
  4. Special bathtubs: In addition to the above types of tubs, there are other types which have special features and thus fall into the category of specialty tubs. These are:
    • Whirlpool tubs: These have jets for added pleasure and comfort.
    • ADA tubs and walkin bathtubs: Specially designed for the elderly and those with a handicap.
    • Aqua massage tubs: Have holes in the bottom (and sometimes the sides too) from where air bubbles are constantly released into the hot water in the tub. They also known as hot air tubs.

Thus, per your individual needs and requirements, you can choose a bathtub from the many types listed here. Some major brands, which you just cannot go wrong with, are American Standard, Kohler, Porcher, Jacuzzi, Cheviot, Neo Metro, and Herbeau Creations.

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