December 16, 2006

Find Out Why Alcove Bathtubs Are The Most Popular Style

Alcove bathtubs are the most popular bathtubs in the US and are the preferred choice of most Americans. Bathtubs are a nice and relaxing way to take a bath and also have their therapeutic uses. Soaking in a bathtub filled with really hot water can be very good therapy for aching and sore muscles. It can provide great relief to elderly people not to mention people of all ages.

Alcove bath tubs are built-in tubs which became popular after the First World War. They are not a type of bathtub per se, but refer more to a type of tub installation resulting in an alcove.

Features Of Alcove Bathtubs

  • Alcove Bathtub StyleAlcove bathtubs are enclosed on three sides, generally by walls and are open only on the front side. A shower curtain or door is used to enclose the open side of alcove bathtubs.
  • The drain is either on the right side or the left sides of these bathtubs and you have to specify which side you want it on before buying an alcove bath tub.
  • They can be purchased with matching bathtub doors from the same or different makers.
  • Waste and overflow are mounted on them and the taps are typically wall mounted.

Benefits Of Alcove Tubs

  • They have lesser finished surfaces and are thus cheaper than other types of free standing bathtubs.
  • Alcove bathtubs are great for installing safety grab bars and rails. These can be installed either for pulling yourself out or pushing yourself out of the tub as per your needs.
  • It is easy to install wall surrounds with alcove bath tubs. These are handy as an easy to maintain and water tight barrier for the tub.